What is “Detailing”?

What Is Detailing ?

Auto detailing is thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle, to produce a show-quality cleanliness and polish. Detailing can be performed on a vehicle’s exterior and/or interior.

Why should I detail my car?

Well, for starters it makes the car look great. Everyone likes a clean car. Also, detailing your car on a regular basis protects the cars finish. A well-kept vehicle is always worth more. Protect your investment by having your car detailed and send a message of success!


Increased traffic levels, road works, and pollution have made paintwork contamination a rapidly growing problem for today’s car and motorcycle enthusiasts. At Auto Finesse car care we deal with cars suffering from various forms of paintwork contamination on a daily basis, ranging from tar, iron particulates (Spread by vehicle brakes, metal works, and trains.), tree sap, paint overspray, adhesive residues, industrial fallout, and exhaust soot. As a result we are constantly perfecting the products and processes used to remove them, here we show you how we do paintwork decontamination…


A claybar is a small brick of clay used to remove embedded contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. If after you wash your vehicle, the surface of the car feels gritty, almost like sandpaper, your vehicle will require a claybar treatment. This treatment will make your car feel as smooth as glass. One can also fairly easily identify the need for Claybar on white cars. Because of the whiteness of the car, embedded contaminants that need to be removed will appear as black and yellow spots all over your vehicle or near the bottom of your doors.


Compound is an abrasive “cream” that is used by professional automotive detailers to remove scratches on your vehicle. Compound must be followed up by polish.


Polish is a fine abrasive “cream” that is used by professional automotive detailers to restore shine and clarity to your vehicles surface. It can sometimes remove fine swirls and scratches.


Drop us a line! We will be more than happy to inspect it for you.

Wax vs SEALANT vs Nano or Ceramic Coating


Car Carnauba waxes can come in the form of liquids or hard pastes. Each feature a specific ratio of naturally-occurring wax as the main ingredient. Waxes are intended to protect the paint and/or increase the depth of gloss. They usually offer that signature wet look shine and are usually easy to apply and remove. Car waxes usually provide protection for 1-4 months depending on their composition, quality and contents


Paint sealants are liquids that contain polymers, resins and synthetics to increase their durability and longevity of protection. Paint sealants offer an easy application processes and offer a extremely tight molecular barrier to a paint surface for increased bonding capability and structure. Car Sealant usually provide protection for 3-6 months.


A paint protection product that contains man-made or synthetic protection ingredients. They bond to the paint to both provide a barrier of protection as well as create a clear, high gloss finish. The products available in this category are considered “permanent” coatings because they cannot be removed unless you remove them via abrasion (polishing) or you neglect them. We use ceramic coating Carpro Cquartz that usually provide protection for 2 years and Ceramic Pro (professional line) from 3 years to life time guarantee.

Can scratches be removed from my paint job without my vehicle having to be repainted?

Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding the surface of affected area. 2) If scratches have only gone through one or two coats of clear, they can be wet sanded out. 3) If scratches have gone completely thought clear coat, then the vehicle will have to be repainted.

Do I need an appointment to bring my car in for a detail?

Yes, we like to ensure that the proper time is devoted to your vehicle. So that we can do the best job possible, we have limited amount of appointments at our shop every day

What is the difference between polish and wax/sealant/coating?

Quite simply, a polish is designed to remove light scratches and swirls and typically doesn’t offer any kind of protection against environmental influences. A wax, sealant, or coating is almost always a purely protective product with hardly corrective or cleaning abilities. There are some exceptions to these terms, particularly with a polish & wax one step products, however, corrective and protective capabilities can vary greatly

Will all the stains be removed from the carpet and upholstery?

While we will try very hard to remove every stain, not all stains will be removed. There a lot of variables that greatly effect which a stain will come out, including what caused the stain, how long it’s be there and if any prior attempts were made to clean the stain beforehand.

How long does a quality detailing last?

This depends on the use of your vehicle. Inside maintenance lasts as long or as short as you treat your vehicle. The length of the exterior finish depends on the conditions your vehicle faces. Ideally you will need an exterior detail twice a year for maximum protection.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes, we do! There is a $60 mobile convenience charge for distances up to 20 km from zipcode H7M2G7. Each Kilometer beyond 25km is $1.

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