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Who is Poli Perfect ?
We Are Perfectionists

POLIPERFECT uses the best tools in the industry for what we do and work with the most reputable brands in the industry, the ones with the longest warranties, and the highest quality products for every service that we offer.
POLIPERFECT is an expert center in revamping the glow of your vehicle and protecting it from our hard weather, therefore protecting your investment.

We Love a Clean Car

Poliperfect is a top-tier service of Ceramic Pro installers that have showed exemplary passion for our product as well as a high skill level and dedication to the industry. We do the most installations of Ceramic Pro in our respective areas. We are also very passionate about offering vehicle coating and protection services.

Poliperfect Ceramic Pro installer
Auto detailing


With a variety of different packages to meet your detailing needs, Ceramic Pro Centers are always trying to make your vehicle look as new as possible for as long as possible. Our detailing packages all start with the same thing: clean the vehicle thoroughly. Whether you’re installing Ceramic Pro, clear bra, or just doing paint correction, 90% of the work is always preparing the vehicle by cleaning it.

Paint Correction


Paint correction requires attention to detail and skill, which is why Ceramic Pro Centers are the best option. We always measure the clear coat, do a test spot, and come up with the best method to polish out swirls or scratches — safely. When your paint correction is done, we protect it with anything from wax to clear bra to keep your car looking its best.


Ceramic Pro is the best line of ceramic coatings on the market. Its flagship product, Ceramic Pro 9H, has one of the hardest ratings on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. What does that mean for your vehicle? Unbeatable protection from environmental damage, acid raid, and scratches and swirling. Ceramic Pro Light gives you a hydrophobic top coat, meaning that every time you wash your car, it takes less time and looks better. Check out our different packages to choose the best fit.

5 REASONS to choose
Poli Perfect Car Detailing

We’re licensed and insured

We install the best ceramic coating on the market

We protect your car with paint protection film ( PPF)

We serve clients in Montreal
and surrounding areas

We can provide services at our shop or at your home or office

You need trustworthy and talented detailing experts to work on your vehicle.
You can be confident in choosing Poli Perfect Car Detailing

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